Lithuanian Chemical Society (LChD)

A non-profit organization that unites Lithuanian chemists, scientists, engineers, lecturers, teachers and everyone interested in this field of science.

LChD aims to promote interest in chemical science, publicize and present chemistry and chemical technologies to the public, develop relations with scientists from other countries, organize conferences and seminars.

LChD was established in 2017. Prof. (HP) dr. Almira Ramanavičienė was elected
as the Chair of this organization in February of 2022, and new board members were also elected. Currently, LChD unites 110 members from different Lithuanian scientific and educational institutions and associations. From 2023, LChD becomes a member of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS).

LChD history

Many prominant public figures in interwar Lithuania were chemists who held high positions. Professor Antanas Purėnas, former secretary of the University of Lithuania in 1933 – 1938, then rector in 1940 – 1941. Ignas Končius, who, after the return of Vilnius region back to Lithuania in 1939, had the task of taking over the management of Vilnius University. Professor Kazys Daukšas, who in 1940 took over the leadership of Vilnius University’s Faculty of Chemistry, and many others.
The Lithuanian Chemical Society was origanally founded in 1959. The first Chair of the Society was academician Juozas Matulis, a long-term Chair of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (1946 – 1984). During 1960 – 1982 the Society was headed by Professor Kazys Daukšas from Vilnius University, and from 1982 to 1988 – by Professor Antanas Kaminskas, the Director of Thermal Insulation Institute. Later, the activities of the Society ceased.
After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, the Lithuanian Chemical Society was re-established in 2017. Associate Professor Rimantas Vaitkus from Vilnius University was elected as a Chair. From 2022, a Chair of LChD is Professor Almira Ramanavičienė from Vilnius University.